New Smart TV From Samsung With Great Audio System

New Smart TV From Samsung With Great Audio System

The new smart TV brought by Samsung with great audio system offers wide ranges of great experiences with more app facilities. The new smart TV from Samsung has more smart features like smart remote control system. Samsung also offers new OS for its smart TV for enabling more user experiences.

Here are some of the amazing features for Samsung smart TV.

High quality Picture

Samsung smart TV comes with good picture quality that gives a good user experience.

Remote control

The remote control that comes with the smart TV has great features like point and click facility. You can also surf web using the smart remote and can use the various app that it offers. The remote is portable and slimmer and convenient to use. The remote is also having multi functions like voice recognition. The navigation arrows are more comfortable to use.

Main Interface

If you click on the hub button on the remote, it will show up the apps that were recently used in the menu bar. On the left side, there is an option that shows “featured app choice, where the user is able to navigate to Apps and Games. So, in the Samsung TV, the user will get an option to use more apps and play games.

Web Browser

The Samsung smart TV also enables the user to browse web in it. However, it is quite difficult to scroll down, the clicking is easier and smooth. The browsing speed is better and good to use, but little lower than iPhone 5. The user will get a good web browsing experience using the newly launched Samsung Smart TV. Video streaming is also possible in such TVs but the loading speed is a little lower.

Voice commands

Another interesting feature of Samsung Smart TV is its voice command feature. In order to activate the voice commands in the TV, it is needed to press hold on 1/2/3 buttons on the menu. These buttons will also enable the user to navigate in to apps, adjust sound and search web through the TV.

Camera and Privacy

Some of the Samsung TVs don’t have built in camera feature in it. For instance, Samsung JS9500 has a good camera built in it. Through this the user is able to use Skype and control the hand movement of the TV. It is the only TV where voice commands can be accepted.
Samsung smart TVs offers great benefits to its users though some are limited to a certain extend. The best Samsung TV so far available in the market is Samsung JU7100

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