Exclusive: Instapaper for Android Launches

Exclusive: Instapaper for Android Launches

When Macro Arment, the founder of Instapaper held the big secret of instapaper for android launches during one of his interview three weeks ago its actual launch, no one believed that it will come true! Arment was in the opinion that android is his least attention thing and he never thought about it.

Finally when instapaper was made available for android and launched just for $2.99, making its availability all over smartphones, tablets or even in Google Play store.

Instapaper is gaining its popularity even among the android app giants like instagram and Flipboard. The whole idea emerged from the desire of the people who actually needed this android app in their smart phones.

However, proving true to his statement, Arment in fact was not ready for Instapaper to be in Android which was way ahead of his principle.

Since customer demand is the secret of a product success, he believed that business can be a success when instinct goes with people’s demand. When almost all users of instapaper wanted its availability in Android, Arment also didn’t take a second thought.

Mobelux Jeff Rock’s creative director and founder developed Instapaper in Android, taking up the challenge of Arment. Mobelux is the creator and developer of Tumblr apps that was available for iPhones and Android devices.

With this initiative, Instapaper is now available in android devices as a popular app that enables the android phone to share multiple apps together. Even though the user may feel little slow on its sub menus, this is a wonderful option to share multiple apps when you are using an android phone with a version more than 2.2.

Even though Instapaper was a demand from it users, it gave the android world a new twist and facility to share apps, which even made Arment and Instapaper to get ahead.

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