PLUGDJ Free Music Streaming Service Comes To US

PLUGDJ Free Music Streaming Service Comes To US

For all the music lovers, would be an ideal choice to share their caliber in music. is a superb platform of discovery app that enables the combination of both music and videos interacted in a fun way online. You will be given a dancing avatar, which is perfect for your personality and as per your music preferences.’s music streaming service is very free to its users and it gives a funny and entertaining mood to all music and dance lovers. The users are also able to join to become audience and be one among the wider audience listening to the music all over the world. The user will be able to select any special character and then join in a virtual room where he can share either music or videos to the world, where a large audience will be present to listen his music or videos. A chat facility with other people from other parts of the world is also possible through real chat translation facilities.

This amazing music streaming website is having its origin from Los Angeles, CA. The main intention of this site is not only restricting its music sharing to U.S , but to the whole world, keeping true to the saying “ music has no boundaries”. The best part is that it has a free music sharing facility for all people who are above 13 years with the option of micro transactions.

Stevan Sacks, Jason Grunstra and Alex Reinlieb, the three partners launched this fun based website in 2012. Now it has more than 3 million registered users already from worldwide. In 2013, getting financial support from huge investor, the company also launched many other new services to its users around the world.

There are different communities in the website in which the users can create their own online chat rooms and share their views on music and videos shared. There is a facility for all users to elect their desired video from sites like You tube etc. It is also possible for them to only listen to the music and not share anything. The users are also given the opportunity to vote positive or negative for the songs or videos they listened.

Different communities in this website will have different genres of music and they can add their preferred playlists to it. If been online for a long time, the users are given chances to earn points for their experience (XP) or Plug Points (PP) so that they can unlock various new services like new avatars, chats badge etc.

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